100 Proof is a proposal for a market that demands strong character and had so far found no response in the market.

Of elegant presence, and this being one of the few tequilas in the world with this graduation, 100 Proof is a beverage with strong presence but with intensely fresh notes and flavors that has enchanted sommeliers and oenologists.


100 Proof shows a deep and bright shine with a dense transparency that evokes the body of an extremely creamy body.


100 Proof’s firmness emphasizes the herbal and citric tones. Though strong in character, its purity allows for a gentile smell that can be drawn from the center of the glass. It is the maximum expression of fresh citrus.



100 Proof’s strength is felt in the aftertaste right away, yet it remains non-aggressive to the palate when felt by the taste buds. Its creaminess shows as the agave herbal flavors make their way through for an unforgettable experience.

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